Sizing & Format Options

Premium Canvas

Our Canvas Prints are printed on high quality artist stock satin canvas using premium industry grade ink and printing processes, then stretched and wrapped around a quality softwood frame with a wedged mitre joint. Comes with hooks and nylon string for instant hanging.

To deliver the bestest value, our pricing is based on canvas area not width or height. Frame depth of 3.5cm.

Standard Aspect Landscape (3:2)

S (30x20cm | 12x8")
M (45x30cm | 18x12")
L (60x40cm | 24x16")
XL (75x50cm | 30x20")
XXL (90x60cm | 36x24")
XXXL (150x100cm | 40x20")

Standard Aspect Portrait (2:3)

S (20x30cm | 8x12")
M (30x45cm | 12x18")
L (40x60cm | 16x24")
XL (50x75cm | 20x30")
XXL (60x90cm | 24x36")
XXXL (100x150cm | 20x40")

Panoramic Aspect Landscape (1:2 rotated)

L (60x30cm | 24x12")
XL (100x50cm | 40x20")
XXXL (150x75cm | 60x30")

Panoramic Aspect Portrait (1:2)

L (30x60cm | 12x24")
XL (50x100cm | 20x40")
XXXL (75x150 | 60x30")

Square Aspect (1:1)

S (15x15cm | 6x6")
M (30x30cm | 12x12")
L (40x40cm | 16x16")
XL (60x60cm | 23x23")
XXL (75x75cm | 30x30")
XXXL (100x100cm | 40x40")

Digital Format

Digital prints are available in high quality JPEG file format in the sizes below. This format provides you access to every pixel of detail captured in our shots, perfect for digital photo frames.

Wide Aspect (16:10)

S (1280x800, 72 DPI)

M (1440x900px, 72 DPI)